Interaction of Concept and Design


Concept, conceptual design, design, design process.

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 During the design process, various methods are used to develop the creative thinking. One of such methods is to commence the design process with a concept. The study aiming to emphasize the importance of concept covers a workshop themed as design with concept. The workshop was undertaken within the scope of Flexibility in Design course of Department of Interior Design, Faculty of Architecture under the Karadeniz Technical University. The workshop was structured as four phased. In the first phase, the students were provided with information regarding conceptual design; then in the second phase, the students were required to choose from one of the buildings that worldwide known architects used conceptual design method and to get information on the interpretation of method and in the third phase they were asked to design their forms derived from the concept. The last phase was comprised of discussing the similarities and differences of new forms generated from the concept. The study is considered as significant for the students in the way of experiencing the concept of a building designed by a concept and designing their own forms without seeing the building.


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