Call for Paper: The Acoustic Characteristics of Religious Buildings

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the Call for Paper for a Special Issue on "The Acoustic Characteristics of Religious Buildings".

About the Special Issue:

Guest Editor:
Tarek M. EL-Basheer
Acoustics department, Mass and force metrology division,
National Institute of Standards NIS, Egypt

Submission Deadline: November 15, 2022

Aims and Scope:

One of the fundamental acoustic experiences in a culture is the sound of Religious Buildings. The desire to listen to the lecture or the prayers is essential in holy places of worship; therefore, the ability of these buildings to meet this requirement depends on good acoustics.

Architectural acoustics, which includes both room and building acoustics, is the scientific area that deals with these issues and is described as the study of the generation, propagation, and effects of sound in enclosed spaces.

Many vital advances have revolved around modeling techniques and related acoustic theories to determine the sound field accurately. Current trends in contemporary architecture, such as transparency, openness, and a preference for bare surfaces that reflect sound, continue to push the boundaries of functional acoustics.

This special issue explores the acoustic characteristics of religious buildings (e.g., temples, mosques, churches, etc.). We invite academics, architects, and acousticians to not only highlight the methods used but to seek new paths in this era of scientific convergence. We accept original research papers and review articles focusing on various topics with the architectural acoustics of religious buildings as the point of reference.

Articles on the following issues are welcome in this Special Issue:
1. Computational acoustics.
2. Intelligibility of speech in rooms.
3. Acoustic measurements.
4. Sound sources.
5. Prediction of reverberation time and strength in religious places.
6. Acoustical performance.
7. Psycho-acoustic evaluation of sound.
8. Comparison between experimental and theoretical results.
9. Acoustical design.
10. Acoustical characteristics.
11. Acoustics survey of ancient places.
12. Geometric analysis.
13. Reflection and diffraction.
14. Reverberation time and absorption.
15. Acoustical impact of architectonics and material features.
16. Special aspects of acoustics in sacred spaces.


Prof. Nikolai Ivanovich VATIN
International Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology

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