Call for Papers: Solidarity and Sustainability in Architectural Engineering Technology

The International Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology is pleased to announce a special issue on "Solidarity and Sustainability in Architectural Engineering Technology."

This issue seeks to showcase the innovative intersection of solidarity and sustainability within the realm of architectural engineering, highlighting the imperative to enhance safety, well-being, and ecological harmony on a global scale.

Embrace Global Well-being: Safety and Sustainability in Construction

As the construction sector advances, our paramount responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of communities worldwide. We are at the nexus of tradition and technology, employing cutting-edge design tools and techniques to weave safety, health, and a harmonious ecosystem into every facet of our projects.

Creating Eco-Responsible Buildings and Cities

Architectural engineering research must lead the way in embracing technological innovation for the creation of eco-compatible structures and cities. Our vision is one where equitable access to natural resources forms the cornerstone of sustainable development and responsible consumption.

Uniting Solidarity and Sustainability

In collaboration with solidarity-focused associations, we strive to uncover novel approaches and technologies that foster the coalescence of solidarity and sustainability. We invite exploration into methods for managing construction projects within eco-solidarity economies and communities.

Calling for Diverse Contributions

This call beckons a diverse array of contributions, from incisive review articles and illuminating design experiences to insightful methodologies and groundbreaking experimental research. Our aim is to present a comprehensive panorama of this pivotal subject. Researchers, practitioners, and policymakers are cordially invited to share their insights, spanning theoretical developments to practical applications.

Submission Details:

We look forward to your contributions that will further enrich our understanding of how architectural engineering can usher in a new era of solidarity and sustainability. Together, let us shape a safer, healthier, and more harmonious built environment for all.


Prof. Nikolai Ivanovich VATIN
International Journal of Architectural Engineering Technology