Considerations about Maximum Temperature of Toroidal Transformers in Steady-State Conditions


Toroidal transformers, Maximum temperature, Thermal analysis.

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Adrian Pleșca. Considerations about Maximum Temperature of Toroidal Transformers in Steady-State Conditions. J. Adv. Therm. Sci. Res. [Internet]. 2020 Oct. 16 [cited 2022 May 23];7(1):22-9. Available from:


 In this paper, a novel method based on a thermal mathematical model which includes the main geometrical, physical and thermal parameters of the toroidal transformer has been developed in order to obtain the maximum temperature inside the transformer during steady-state operating conditions. The influence of electric current and ambient temperature on the maximum temperature has been investigated. To validate the proposed method, some experimental tests have been done. The analyzed transformer had a rated power of 2kVA and the rated primary voltage of 230V. There is a good correlation between experimental and theoretical results with a maximum difference of 3°C.


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