An Evaluation of Correlations for Predicting Pressure Drop of Air-Water Flow in Narrow Rectangular Duct


Two-phase flow, Frictional pressure drop, Narrow rectangular duct, Two-phase friction multiplier.

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Guangfei Wang, Licheng Sun, Liang Zhao, Min Du. An Evaluation of Correlations for Predicting Pressure Drop of Air-Water Flow in Narrow Rectangular Duct. J. Adv. Therm. Sci. Res. [Internet]. 2018 Dec. 11 [cited 2022 May 18];5(1):34-43. Available from:


 Aiming at developing a more common method for predicting two-phase flow pressure drop for small channels, experiments on frictional pressure drop of air-water flow in a vertical narrow rectangular duct with a cross-section of 40 mm by 1.6 mm were conducted at atmospheric pressure. The mass flow rates of air and water covered the ranges from 0.03 to 12.5 kg/h and from 19 to 903 kg/h, respectively. It was found that the two-phase flow can be divided into three regions according to the liquid only Reynolds number, by which a modified Chisholm two-phase multiplier was proposed for predicting frictional pressure drop. Some leading correlations for predicting two-phase flow pressure drop were compared with the new correlation against current experimental data, the latter had and a mean deviation of 7.2%, showing a better agreement with the experimental results.


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