Thermal, Kinetic and Safety Aspects of a Thermally In-Stable Reaction Mixture: Mastering the Thermal Runaway Situations


Hazards evaluation, risk assessment.

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Srinivasarao Veedhi, Ramsankar Ramachandran, Barkath Ali Udmman, Sunil Kulkarni, Ganesh Chilukoti, D Venkateswara Raju, Kirankumar Robbi, Phaninder KVR. Thermal, Kinetic and Safety Aspects of a Thermally In-Stable Reaction Mixture: Mastering the Thermal Runaway Situations. J. Adv. Therm. Sci. Res. [Internet]. 2016 Jul. 13 [cited 2022 May 21];3(1):39-45. Available from:


 This article reports to the hazard evaluation studies of a laboratory scale reaction involving 1, 3-diethyl propanedioate and Fuming Nitric acid to form diethyl 2-nitropropanedioate. The process has been optimized and scheduled to the pilot scale batches after process safety evaluation. Fuming Nitric acid addition to 1,3-Diethyl propanedioate at 7°C is highly exothermic reaction with an adiabatic-temperature-rise of 113°C according for RC1e experiment. But the mixture strongly shows an exothermic event at an onset temperature of 60°C to a maximum temperature of 538°C within few seconds with a massive pressure rise in ARC experiment. Indeed, these hazard evaluation experimental results are clear to understand the hazards of the reaction in case of failing in controlled addition, which helped us to redesign the laboratory scale process and notified the required control measures at plant scale.


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