Photoinduced Phenomena in Thermally Evaporated a-Gex Se90-x Sb10 Thin Films


Amorphous thin films
photoinduced phenomena
optical constants

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MA Osman, AM Abosehly, AA Othman, KA Aly. Photoinduced Phenomena in Thermally Evaporated a-Gex Se90-x Sb10 Thin Films. J. Adv. Therm. Sci. Res. [Internet]. 2015 Dec. 31 [cited 2022 May 23];2(2):64-70. Available from:


Amorphous Gex Se90-x Sb10 thin films were prepared by thermal evaporation under vacuum onto glass substrates. Reflectance and transmittance were measured in the wavelength range 190-900nm. The optical properties of the as deposited and UV-irradiated films at different exposure times were reported. The compositional dependence of the optical constants (absorption coefficient, the non-direct optical gap Eg, refractive index (n), and the extinction coefficient (k) were evaluated and discussed in terms of the Ge content and the chemical bond network model.


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