Ultrasonic Technique on Fluid Saturation in Porous Media


Ultrasonic technique
fluid saturation
porous media
Phase behavior
interval transit time.

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Hao Chen, Shenglai Yang, Zhilin Wang, Sanbo Lv, Wei Hu, Hao Lei, Zhipeng Qiu. Ultrasonic Technique on Fluid Saturation in Porous Media. Int. J. Petrol. Technol. [Internet]. 2015 Apr. 20 [cited 2022 Aug. 12];2(1):1-6. Available from: https://www.avantipublishers.com/index.php/ijpt/article/view/225


Phase behavior of hydrocarbon fluids is closely related to porous media. However, there are many limitations of current detection techniques. Therefore, it is very urgent to find a suitable method to solve this problem. In this paper, based on the brine and three natural cores from Jilin oilfield, the relations of the interval transit time and fluid saturation of these cores both in brine/air system and kerosene/air system were measured, and the difference of these relations during the process of displacement, imbibition and air drying were compared and analyzed. Results show that the ultrasonic technique is a potential method to invert fluid saturation in porous media.


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