Case Study of a Solar Chimney in Mansoura, Egypt


Solar Energy, Solar chimney, Air Velocity, Updraft tower, Renewable energy.

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M.S. Anter, Ahmed Ramzy, Ahmed M. Hamed. Case Study of a Solar Chimney in Mansoura, Egypt. Glob. J. Energ. Technol. Res. Updat. [Internet]. 2019 Dec. 30 [cited 2022 May 21];6(1):49-60. Available from:


 A solar chimney system was established in Mansoura University which was designed as a square collector with an area of 100m2, the side length 10 m, height 8 m and the diameter 0.3 m. It’s floor was painted with black bitumen and covered with plastic having a thickness of 150 microns. The height of air inlet collector (periphery) was 0.15 m to investigate the effect of environmental temperature on the performance of solar chimney (SCS). Tests were carried out at a wide range of ambient temperatures and solar radiation. In this study, conducted on September 20 and 21, ambient temperature, air inlet temperature, the temperature under collector, the temperature under the chimney, air velocity and solar radiation during the two days were recorded with time. Experimental measurements indicate that as long as the collector air temperature increases, the velocity of air inside the chimney increases.


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