For Editors

The Editor’s role is to maintain and improve the quality of the published content, promote the journal among the scientific community of the subject field, invite authors and researchers to contribute to the journals and reshape the journal for improvement. All Editors are expected to work closely with the publication staff as some of the roles between the two overlap.

The following guidelines might help them in carrying out their duties:

  • While conducting the initial evaluation, the editor should ensure that the article fall within the scope of the journal, is prepared according to the Guidelines for Authors, present sound content which is suitable for publication and do not violate the Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Policy in any way.
  • Find at least two appropriate referees whose qualifications and area of expertise match the article or the topic concerned for rigorous peer review.
  • It is the editor’s responsibility to make the final decision of accepting, rejecting or sending the article back to the author for revision. They should base their decisions on the suggestions and comments of the referees.
  • When a revision is requested by the author, it should be clearly indicated and clarified in detail. The revised manuscripts are consigned to the same editor. It’s to be noted that the revised versions shouldn’t be accepted unless they meet the set demands and quality standard.
  • The editor’s final decision should be well justified and explained in detail, especially when proposing to declare the article unfit for publication or sending the article back for revision, so that the author(s) can understand the reasons for not accepting their article. They should also respond to all the queries of the authors regarding this matter.