International Journal of Petroleum Technology

Table of Contents
Volume 8, Year 2021

Permeability Prediction and Validation Using Static and Dynamic Data of Sandstone Reservoir in Weizhou Oilfield, Beibuwan Basin, China (Pages 1-14)

Jian Wang, Hui Zhang, Huashan Jiang and Lin Pan


Transformer Oil Generation and Regeneration Techniques Based on Recent Developments (A Review) (Pages 15-33)

Malek Hassanpour


Analysis of Enhancing Coalbed Methane Recovery and Improving Coal Mining Safety by CO2 Injection: Model of the Critical CO2 Volume Fraction (Pages 34-42)

Shuai Wang, Fei Mo, Zhilin Qi, Xiaolong Peng, Wende Yan and Xiaoliang Huang


Experimental Measurements and Modeling of Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of Isobutane and Ethyl Mercaptan Binary System (Pages 43-54)

Esther Neyrolles, Alain Valtz, Eric Boonaert and Christophe Coquelet