International Journal of Petroleum Technology

Table of Contents
Volume 7, Year 2020

Evaluations on Compressibility Factor Calculation Methods for High-Pressure H2S-Containing Natural Gases (Pages 1-6)

Wenlong Jia, Yuanrui Zhang and Jiong Fang


Well Deviation Problem: A Case Study in an Iranian Gas Well Drilling (Pages 7-19)

Toomaj Foroud and Babak Karimi Dehkordi


The Effect of Well Completion Fluid Loss on Productivity Evaluation in Tight Sand Gas Reservoir: A Case Study from East China Sea Gas Well(Pages 20-33)

Kechao Gao, Suogui Shang, Xuan Wu, Liang Tao and Yutang Jin


Volume Fracturing Technology Application in the World’s Largest Conglomerate Oil Field, Northwest of China (Pages 34-44)

Li Rong, Yang Sen, Gong Hao, Yang Lei, Wang Jiahao and Liu Limin


Case Study of Petrophysical Evaluation Utilizing Well Logs Data with Optimization of Reservoir Cut-off Parameters (Pages 45-59)

Walid Mohamed Mahmud and Ziad Bennour