On Traces of n-Additive Mappings on Semiprime Ring


Semiprime rings, Lie ideals, n-additive maps, Trace of n-additive maps.

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Asma Ali, Najat Muthana, & Kapil Kumar. (2017). On Traces of n-Additive Mappings on Semiprime Ring. Journal of Advances in Applied & Computational Mathematics, 4(1), 1–10. https://doi.org/10.15377/2409-5761.2017.04.01.1


 Let R be a ring with centre Z(R). In this paper we prove that a nonzero Lie ideal L of a semiprime ring R of characteristic different from (2n-2) is central if it satisfies one of the following: (i)f(xy)∓[x,y]∈Z(R), (ii)f(xy)∓[y,x]∈Z(R), (iii)f(xy)∓xy∈Z(R), (iv)f(xy)∓yx∈Z(R), (v)f([x,y] )∓[x,y]∈Z(R), (vi)f([x,y] )∓[y,x]∈Z(R), (vii)f([x,y] )∓xy∈Z(R),(viii)f([x,y] )∓yx∈Z(R),(ix)f(xy)∓f(x)∓[x,y]∈Z(R),(x)f(xy)∓f(y)∓[x,y]∈Z(R),(xi)f([x,y] )∓f(x)∓[y,x] ∈ Z(R), (xii)f([x,y] )∓f(x)∓[y,x]∈Z(R), (xiii)f([x,y] )∓f(y)∓[x,y]∈Z(R), (xiv)f([x,y] )∓f(y)∓[y,x]∈Z(R), (xv)f([x,y] )∓f(xy)∓[x,y]∈Z(R), (xvi)f([x,y] )∓f(xy)∓[y,x]∈Z(R), (xvii)f(x)f(y)∓[x,y]∈Z(R), (xviii)f(x)f(y)∓[y,x]∈Z(R), (xix)f(x)f(y)∓xy∈Z(R), (xx)f(x)f(y)∓yx∈Z(R) for all x,y∈L, where f stands for the trace of an n-additive map



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