On Monotonic Solutions of A Nonlinear Integral Equation of Volterra Type


Nonlinear volterra integral equations
measure of noncompactness
fixed point theorem

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Osman Karakurt, & Ö. Faruk Temizer. (2016). On Monotonic Solutions of A Nonlinear Integral Equation of Volterra Type. Journal of Advances in Applied & Computational Mathematics, 3(1), 46–53. https://doi.org/10.15377/2409-5761.2016.03.01.7


We study a nonlinear integral equation of Volterra type in the Banach space of real functions defined and continuous on a bounded and closed interval. Using a technique associated with measure of noncompactness we prove the existence of the nondecreasing solutions to a nonlinear integral equations of Volterra type in C [0, 1]. We give also one example satisfying the conditions of our main result but not satisfying the conditions of the main result in [1].



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