Decontamination Methods for Sanitizing Field Equipment and BioContaminated Soils

The editors of GJAIRD are pleased to announce an upcoming Special Issue of the journal dedicated to agricultural research related to sanitation and decontamination of equipment, transport vehicles, and soil.

This issue includes two review articles focused on oxidant disinfectants and biological surrogates used to evaluate sanitation and decontamination systems and protocols. The agricultural decontamination issue will include three studies that evaluated several two-stage, decontamination protocols that combined power washing followed by disinfectant treatments. One of these studies evaluated an industrial-grade, automated truck wash system used at large poultry production farms. In addition, three other articles will present field and greenhouse research on sanitizing bio-contaminated nursery soils. These studies involved simulated, drip irrigation and fumigation methods using environmentally friendly, and novel active ingredients.

Nothing has been published in this section yet.