Co-EIC JMSTR: Patrice Berthod

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Patrice Berthod

Patrice-BerthodPatrice Berthod is a French mechanical engineer graduated in 1987 from the InstitutIndustriel du Nord (renamed in 1991: now Ecole Centrale de Lille). After its Ph.D. thesis in Science and Engineering of Materials, he worked during six years as a research engineerin an international industrial group, in the fields of the metallurgy of super alloys and of cast irons, and simulation in foundry.

Since 1999 he is Assistant Professor in the University Henri Poincaré(now University of Lorraine) and in the Laboratory of Mineral Solid Chemistry (now Institut Jean Lamour) in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (France).

His teaching activities areinorganic chemistry, metallurgy, mechanical properties of materials, aqueous and high temperature corrosion…

His research activities deal with themetallurgy and properties of super alloys, steels and cast-irons, dental alloys… more specifically concerning the microstructure characterization, thermodynamic calculations, high temperature oxidation and corrosion, electrochemical characterization of aqueous corrosion.

He obtained its Habilitation to supervise researches in 2010 and he is author or co-author of more than two hundreds articles and conference proceedings, as well as co-inventor in four international patents.