International Journal of Architectural
Engineering Technology

Table of Contents
Volume 7, Year 2020

Application of Arduino-Based Systems as Monitoring Tools in Indoor Comfort Studies: A Bibliometric Analysis (Pages 1-12)

Daniel Trento, Ticiana Patel Weiss Trento and Eduardo Krüger


Better Natural Ventilation Design for Single Sided Apartments Utilising Computational Fluid Dynamics (Pages 13-22)

Neihad H. Al-Khalidy


Thermomodernization of Historical Buildings with Residential Facades (Pages 23-35)

Dariusz Bajno


Building Construction, Road Works and Waste Management: Impact of Anthropogenic Actions on Flooding in Yenagoa, Nigeria (Pages 36-46)

Warebi G. Brisibe and Ibama Brown


Influence of Water-Repellent Admixtures on the Water-Resistance of Unstabilized and Stabilized Compressed Earth Blocks (Pages 47-61)

J. Alexandre Bogas


A Transient Two-dimensional CFD Evaluation of Indoor Thermal Comfort with an Intermittently-operated Radiant Floor Heating System in an Office Building (Pages 62-87)

Jiying Liu, Xuwei Zhu, Moon Keun Kim, Ping Cui, Shengwei Zhu and Risto Kosonen