Global Journal of Agricultural Innovation, Research & Development

Table of Contents
Volume 7, Year 2020

General Articles

Treatments of Gibberellic Acid for Vegetative Growth, Tuber Yield and Quality of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia (Pages 1-11)

Abebe C. Degebasa


Special Issue: Assessment of Decontamination Methods for Sanitizing Field Equipment and Bio-Contaminated Soils

Field Evaluation of a Novel, Granular Soil Fumigant for Controlling Phytophthora ramorum in Field Nursery Soils (Pages 12-19)

Marissa L. Layman, Craig Ramsey, Wolfgang Schweigkofler and Steven E. Newman


Equipment Decontamination with a Mobile Power Washer Followed by Disinfectant Applications (Pages 20-25)

Marissa L. Layman, Craig L. Ramsey and Steve E. Newman


Evaluation of a Mobile Two-Stage Decontamination System using a Power Washer Combined with Eight Disinfectant Treatments (Pages 26-33)

Marissa L. Layman, Craig L. Ramsey, Kenneth Burton and Steve E. Newman


Novel Use of Chlorine Dioxide Granules as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide Soil Fumigation (Pages 34-44)

Craig L. Ramsey and Candace Mathiason


Potential Surrogates for Evaluation of Decontamination Methods Under Field Study Conditions or BSL-2 Biosecurity Lab Conditions: A Review (Pages 45-53)

Marissa L. Layman, Craig L. Ramsey and Steven E. Newman